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I am unable to switch your phone on/ off power in the handset?
Battery is discharged, please recharge the battery. Sometimes terminal is dusty. Please remove the battery, clean the terminal .
Battery discharges or is not giving full backup ?
Your battery is worn out. Please replace with new battery.
I am unable to charge the batteries ?
Your Charger may be damaged. Check for pin and power supply socket. (You may also charge your phone with USB Cable directly from your desktop or laptop. )
My Audio from ear phones is not properly audible?
Please adjust volume by pressing Nav / Up(+)-Down(-) key when call in progress.
My Hands-free is not working? 
Please check if same has been activated on handset. If not, may be hadfree is damaged, replace with new one.
I am unable to receive / make calls ?
Check for singal on handset, may be you are out of service area. Wait for sometimes and try again.
My network signals are too weak ?
The Network signal may be too weak at your current location, for example, in a moving train, car or bus, basement or near a tall building. Call your service provider. If the problem persists, get the handset checked at the service centre
I am having SIM Error message ?
You SIM Card may be damage. Take the SIM card to your service provider for testing. Recheck with another SIM.
I am having insert SIM message ?
The card is not inserted properly, please insert it properly. GSM SIM may be damaged. You could also check by using another SIM.
My SIM Card is blocked & is asking for PUK Code?
You have entered an incorrect PIN code three consecutive times (Contact your service provider for PUK code of the SIM card,use PUK code to unlock the SIM).
My GRPS is not working ?
GPRS (DATA) is additonal service and need subscription from your service provider. If you have subscribed to it, please do setting as per enclosed. Service provider will also help you to provide with lastest GPRS setting information.
I am unable to save photos from Camera ?
Your memory card is full. Please delete some unwanted files or insert new memory card.
I am unable to transfer data from another phone via Blue-tooth ?
Your Bluetooth may not be activate or Your memory card is full. Please activate Bluetooth. If your memory is full, delete some unwanted files or insert new memory card.
I am unable to play video on phone ?
Please check for file type. Video file must be compitable with the phone's setting. If settings are correct, may be Video file is damaged. Please check.
My touch panel is not working (for touch screen phones only) ?
Please go to setting, then to pen calibration and start screen calibration
I am unable to save contact on phone book ?
You have reached maximum permitted phone book capacity. Please delete unwanted contact and save.
How do I backup data ?
Please download PC Suite on desktop / laptop computer. Connect phone with USB Cable and transfer or save data.
How much external memory (microSD) is supported by the device ?
Please see instruction manual provided with the set or see the product section of this website.
I have lost my instruction manual, where do I get a new one ?
Please write an email to support@gninemobiles.com and we shall email you a PDF vesrion of the same. Note: Instruction manual of old models may not be available.
I am unable to find a retailer in my area ?
Please call +91-96541 15000 who shall guide you with nearest retailer.
I am unable to find service centre in my area ?
Please call +91-96541 15000 who shall guide you with repair shop.
Has this product been tested for SAR ?
Your mobile has been tested for SAR. SAR Value is printed on instruction manual and handset. For checking SAR Value, please remove back-cover and see on sticker. Lower SAR Value means more is more safe. SAR below 1.6W/KG is recommanded and considered safe as per guidelines of FCC (United States of America) and Department of Telecommunication (Government of India)
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